Brookfield Bees is participating in the Vermont Fresh Net/Dig In VT Open Farm week.  We will be open Saturday August 10th and Sunday August 11th, 11am to 3pm for visitors interested in beekeeping and local honey.  Our honey is unprocessed, with no heating or filtering so you get all the good things honey can provide.

We have a huge collection of honey from all over the country and all over the world.  This year we have additions from Northern Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Holland and the rainforests of Indonesia.  Visitors will have an opportunity to taste any honey they want and compare it to our local Brookfield honey.


So come meet the beekeeper, check out an observation hive, talk about swarms, find out how bees survive the Vermont winter, learn which flowers bees prefer, and find out why honey from the supermarket just cannot compete.


We also sugar in the spring, and you will have the opportunity to taste all of the Vermont syrup grades to find out which one is really your favorite.

From Exit 4 of I-89 follow Rt 66 East for about a mile. Turn left onto Ridge Road. Go 1.3 miles to N. Randolph Road and turn right. Go 1.8 miles to Curtis Road at Neighborly Farms and turn left. Go 1 mile to Kibbee Road and turn Right. Go 1.1 miles  (bearing right at Y after Fat Toad Farm) and look for Brookfield Bees sign 1148 Kibbee Rd.  On the way, consider a stop at 757 Kibbee Rd, Fat Toad Farm, to check out their goat milk caramel.




Call 802 276 3808 if you need more info or visit us at

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