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Brookfield Bees is a small farm located in central Vermont which focuses on the sweet side of life.  In the spring, we tap about 500 sugar maples to produce pure Vermont maple syrup in our wood-fired sugaring arch.  We bottle our syrup in glass to to showcase the beautiful color and clarity of this delicious product.





When sugaring is done, our bees take center stage, making honey from the abundant dandelion, clover and wildflowers in the area.  In the late summer we take the excess honey that the bees have made over the spring and summer and bottle it for sale.


We have a large collection of honey from every state in the United States and many countries around the world.   We have honey from north of the Arctic Circle, Kyrgyzstan, Burma, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia and Japan to name a few.  These samples emphatically demonstrate the different tastes, textures and colors of this amazing product.  If you are interested in participating in a honey tasting you can let us know.

In the early fall we pick several tons of apples from the trees in the neighborhood, let them sweat for two weeks, then press them into fresh cider.  A lot of this cider goes into the freezer and a lot gets boiled down in our sugaring arch to make boiled cider, a table syrup with the sugar content of maple syrup and a bursting taste of apple.



Apples under guard waiting for pressing



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